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How to Change Your Repository's Language on GitHub

Learn how to change your repository's language detection on Github.

2 min read

How to Open a Markdown Link in a New Tab in Astro

Learn how to configure Astro to open markdown links in new tabs for better user experience.

2 min read

Rebuilding my Website with Astro

After over three years of Gatsby, I recently completed a rebuild of this site with Astro.

4 min read

How to Implement a Not Found Route in Vue 3

Learn how to handle catch-all routes and create a custom 404 page in Vue 3 applications using Vue Router 4

3 min read

Git Tip: How to Easily Switch to Your Last Known Branch

Discover a handy Git tip that allows you to effortlessly switch back to your last known branch without remembering its name

2 min read

Using Git Switch to Move Changes to a New Branch

How to move changes from a branch to another branch using Git Swtich

2 min read

Things I Want to Focus on in 2023

Towards a more pragmatic and purposeful 2023

3 min read

My Blog is Dead. Long Live my Digital Garden

2023 is the year I tend to my digital garden

2 min read

List of Technologies I Want to Learn in 2020

Improving my skills as a software developer

5 min read

Year in Review: 2019

Still not quite there yet!

4 min read

How to Hide Vue Source Map on Browser Devtools

How to disable source map or debug mode in production for Vue.js applications

2 min read

How to Run Multiple NPM Scripts Using Concurrently

How to use concurrently to run multiple npm scripts with a single script

2 min read

Things I Don't Know as of 2019 (In Programming)

List of things I haven't used

4 min read

Year in Review: 2018

Not quite there yet

5 min read

How to Display Password in a Form Input

How to use JavaScript to display or hide a password in a form.

5 min read

I Asked my First StackOverflow Question

A first timer’s experience on StackOverflow

1 min read

My First Day at LearnFactory Nigeria

A Journey to becoming a world-class developer

3 min read

My First #100DaysOfCode Experience

My experience completing my first #100DaysOfCode challenge

9 min read

Building a Project: Number Facts Generator

My experience creating my first ever project!

5 min read

#100DaysOfCode — Let’s Do This!

A challenge to help me get into the habit of coding daily

3 min read

Year in Review: 2017

The year I decided to take control of my life!

4 min read

A New Ending

I’m not giving up. I’m just starting over.

4 min read

Hello World

My very first article

3 min read